5 things you should look out for in your Siem Reap Hotel

Exploring a new place can be a new adventure but where you rest your head for the night can break and make that experience.

In Siem Reap, you can find various forms of accommodation – from budget backpackers hotels that can cost only USD $2-$3 to luxury suites that might be heavy on your wallet. With so many options, how do you know which is the best option for you? Here are 5 things you should always look out for when choosing your Siem Reap Hotel.


1) Location

When looking for a hotel in Siem Reap, we recommend that you should look for a place located in the Old Market district stretching from the river to the night markets along Sivutha Blvd. Here, you can find yourself in walking distance to the old market where you can witness locals haggling over prices at the wet markets in the mornings or enjoy the bustling nightlife along the famous Pub Street when the sun sets. Don’t worry too much about staying too far from the Angkor Wat as there are plenty of tuk-tuk drivers that you can engage to take you around the Angkor complex for the whole day!

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

The Angkor temples may be Siem Reap’s biggest draw, but you can easily get there with a tuk-tuk.


2) Fair working conditions for staff

In a country where the median pay is an estimated $80 a month (Worldrenew) , it is important that your Siem Reap hotel you are staying at is providing good and safe working conditions for their staff. This also means that they do not employ minors as this could deprive them from receiving basic education. Although this may be hard for you to identify when booking your hotel, you can scan travel forums or their social media platforms to get a sense of how much they value their staff.


3) Bilingual staff

Whether you’re a first-time or returning visitor to Cambodia, the Khmer language can be difficult to grasp. That is why it is important that your Siem Reap Hotel has english-speaking staff that can understand and cater to your needs. More importantly, they should also know the local language as this helps to facilitate easier communication with tuk-tuk drivers and local businesses should you need help communicating with.

Staff at Siem Reap Hotel

English is a common language for business communication in Siem Reap

4) On-site facilities

The facilities you need as a visitor to Siem Reap depends greatly on the purpose of your visit. Ideally, you want your hotel to make you feel just at home with everything you need. If you are travelling with family, you should look for amenities such as a swimming pool or a child-care facility that will allow you spend some quality time as a family. If you are on a business trip, you should look for hotels that provide you with conference rooms and quick internet for easy and mobile working. If you are a traveller looking for a quiet place of refuge from the bustling Siem Reap, keep an eye out for in-house spas and traditional massages that will allow you to relax and wind down after a long day.

Massage at Siem Reap Hotel

Rest and relax after a long day of walking with an in-house span and traditional masseuse

5) True Cambodian Culture

It is also important that your Siem Reap Hotel keeps close to its roots as a hotel in Cambodian. This means offering its signature Khmer hospitality, serving up a variety of Khmer dishes (we guarantee that you’ll love Khmer cuisine!) as well as providing expert and local information for your travel needs in Siem Reap. After all, you are visiting a new place to enjoy and experience a unique and different culture.

Spend an afternoon learning to whip up your favourite Khmer cuisines

Enjoy all that Cambodia cuisine has to offer at your Siem Reap Hotel

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