Siem Reap Art Tours

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Siem Reap Art Tours – A One of a Kind Art Experience

McDermott Gallery presents Cambodia’s first art tour of its kind.

Siem Reap Art Tours is hosted by McDermott Gallery’s curator; Robina Hanley. Join her on this exciting journey to the city’s finest galleries and boutiques!


Your Guide

With eleven years of living and working in the Siem Reap art scene, you wouldn’t want anyone else as a guide for this unique tour experience. As a seasoned expat, collector, and fashionista, Robina has had the opportunity to build strong personal relationships with all of the artists and creative souls that you will interact with on the tour.


Or havens, if you will. Each gallery & boutique you visit has been carefully examined & chosen by Robina herself, so you can rest assured knowing that there will not be a dull moment in this experience.

Before you embark on this artistic expedition, Robina will visit you at your hotel to discuss art, – of course – but more specifically; your interests. Whether it be fashion, jewelry, photography, or sculpture, Robina will cater the tour to your interests, schedule, and time frame. These tours are usually for groups of 2-3 persons. Keeping the head count low ensures that all guests can fully benefit from the information and a more personal relationship with the gallery curators and proprietors you will meet along the way. Don’t be shy, tell Robina your interests and she will cater the tour perfectly to you.

Galleries & Boutiques

Start off your day in the Lobby, where you can explore their eclectic exhibitions. With a new exhibition every month, you’re off to a great start already without even leaving the hotel!

Swing around the corner to the McDermott Gallery at the FFC Angkor – an ancient governor’s mansion that is home to two of the tour destinations! Browse through John McDermott’s distinctive photographs of Angkor with the Gallery Curator/your guide – Robina!

Neighbouring McDermott is Tiger Lily Boutique, a beautiful little boutique shop with Khmer artefacts strewn across its walls. You can also find pieces sourced from all over South-East Asia, personally selected by the boutique proprietor Judie.

You can also check out the locally famous 1961 Gallery. This gallery is a beautifully decorated melting-pot of many different art forms, originating from all corners of the world. There’s no telling exactly what you’ll find in this almost futuristic-looking gallery, but one thing we can confirm is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you’re looking for unique experiences, Theam’s House needs to be on your list! Take a stroll through one of Cambodia’s only locally-owned art galleries, guided by the artists’ sister; Maddy! This showroom is located in a traditional Khmer home, owned by the Artist himself; Muy Theam Lim. Theam’s style brings a new life to classic Khmer & international designs, with bold colours and textures.

Sirivan Aviary

Carrying on the theme of bold colours and textures, you’ll move on to Eric Raisina’s Couture House in Charming City, (locally known as Borei Prem Prey). Explore the fascinating works of world-renowned fashion designer; Eric Raisina. Take advantage of your privilege as a tour guest and see firsthand how his international array of naturally-sourced materials come together to create such striking fabrics & textures.

With no shortage of beautiful sights to see, you’ll move over to Christine’s. This charming little French-owned boutique shop showcases bright & bold accessories and unique clothing, ranging from casual-chic to couture.

Skip over to the other side of the river to the renowned 111 East Gallery. Sister gallery to the famous 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, this new gallery brings a beautiful & eccentric twist to the Siem Reap art scene. With everything from the famous teakwood carvings, to eminent original pieces & a fully stocked bar (replicating the bar from the famous movie, The Shining), this gallery is a perfect place to end your artistic journey.

With a flourishing arts scene, this is only a small taste of what you can experience with the Siem Reap Art Tours. Inquire about a tour of your own, and you can choose from a large variety of galleries & boutiques!

Book yours today!

Now that we have your undivided attention, you can book one of these exclusive tours for yourself! If you’re a guest at the hotel, visit the front desk to organize your tour, we are more than happy to organize it all for you! If you would like to book in advance or you are not a guest of the hotel, you can contact us at and let us take care of it for you!