The Vegan Alchemist is a fully vegan and organic brand founded in Qatar

The journey for Botany started by traveling around discovering the natural benefits that can be found in our global environment. By using the finest ingredients that are hand-picked from the best parts of the world, Botany only uses plants that have been grown organically.
This approach, alongside the ancient alchemist way of thinking, Botany is founded upon the principles of healing and medicinal properties that can be added to products that we use on a daily basis. From candles to facial sprays, the concept of Botany is to highlight ancient medicinal ingredients and healing Middle Eastern spices that are proven to heal, nourish, feed, rejuvenate, replenish, hydrate and restore the health of the skin – our biggest organ.


Burning time: 60 hours
Non-GMO soy wax Non toxic Natural plant oils No palm oil Cotton Wick Consciously sourced
Our candles are all hand-poured using non-GMO soy wax with coconut oil into jars made of ancient miron violet glass.
This process combines the essence of alchemy and is a traditional method that can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilization to keep valuable natural products preserved.
Botany’s ingredients have been hand-picked by our researchers from well- managed sources. We have travelled the world with our nomadic senses on alert, and serendipitous approach to search, discover and implement natural vegan ingredients into our craft, and by adopting this approach we continuously strive to create ethical and chemical-free wellbeing products.